Friday, 24 October 2008

Sir Dave attracts the MOPEs, again

Is this perhaps the most ludicrous piece of MOPEry yet recorded? David Healy has been subject to death threats after some Celtic fans construed a comment he made in an interview, following his goal against San Marino, as a sectarian remark. Let me provide a verbatim transcript of what Sir David actually said.

“I am pleased the famine or the drought or whatever people would call it is over. I am pleased with the score sheet and pleased that we won.”

Confused? I don’t blame you. It takes ingenuity to find offence in such an innocuous observation. But if you’re bitter enough, self obsessed enough, deluded enough – then you MIGHT manage it. Listen carefully.

The rationale of these idiots is that a proportion of Rangers’ supporters sing a bigoted, anti-Irish song entitled ‘The Famine is Over (why don’t you do home)’. David Healy is Northern Irish and comes from (presumably) a unionist background; ergo by using the word ‘famine’ the striker was alluding to the anti-Celtic, sectarian song.

Of course, anyone with faculties of logic, objectivity or a functioning brain might counter, ‘but Healy used a perfectly ordinary piece of football jargon to describe his relief at scoring a goal. Perhaps he was merely saying what he meant’. That is why they aren’t scurrying off to post illiterate death threats on Youtube.

No wonder David is both exasperated and incredulous. Perhaps he knows how the PSNI feel.


Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable alright.

Ignited said...

What a bunch of wasters.

O'Neill said...

Steve McQueen will need to watch his back as well, calling his film Hunger was quite clearly pure provocation. I'm going to have aword with the local green-grocer also, the sight of all those potatoes openly on display may rouse unacceptable folk-memories amongst the local Celtic supporters.

CW said...

Spot on O'Neill. In fact the use of the word "Queen" in his name is offensive in itself. Homosexual republicans should organise a petition.

Also, Healy's prolific goal-scoring career has won him the respect of Tyrone GAA. They've even named the GAA ground in Omagh after him.

Stephen Chapman... said...

In some parts of the UK, there are some small minded people who dwell on events from HUNDREDS of years ago to "justify" their hatred towards others.

Seamus said...

While the Death Threats are inexcusable, you will actually find that the original person who though Healy's comments were linked to the Famine Song were actually Rangers supporters. It was posted on Youtube by a Rangers supporter claiming that Healy supported their racist chanting.

Chekov said...

I'm not terribly concerned which set of tosspots tried to claim it first.