Thursday, 9 October 2008

'Real basic irony'. Alliance accuse UUP of being in 'terrible state'.

“You know, it’s irony on a base level, but I like it. It’s real basic irony, but still you can get a hoot”. Bill Hicks, speaking about extreme pro-life campaigners, attempting to kill abortion performing doctors in the United States.

And also the sentiment which sprung most immediately to mind reading these comments from Alliance Youth chair Steven Martin, who shared his thoughts on the Ulster Unionist conference’s one month postponement.

"The postponement of the Ulster Unionist Party Conference shows the terrible state their party is in.”

Yes. That is an Alliance Party NI member, inferring from a delayed conference, the terrible state of the Ulster Unionist Party! Real basic irony, but you can get a hoot!

Incidentally, Reg Empey has been quick to play down the postponement’s significance, stating that the delay is for purely practical reasons.


Sammy Morse said...

Dude, youse are half a million in debt, have just had to sell of your Party HQ and are in the process of being dumped by the Tories after only the briefist of courtships.

In what way are Alliance in a comparable mess?

Chekov said...

Party HQ is being leased as opposed to sold (just at the moment anyway). The party owns a considerable amount of property throughout Northern Ireland. There is no question that the Tories are 'dumping' us, on the contrary it is the UUP doing the foot dragging.

Sammy Morse said...

And you're still half a million in the red (according to last year's Electoral Commission accounts), sacking staff, at least one MLA also closing offices and sacking staff, etc.

You really shouldn't have brought this subject up, Chekov.

Anonymous said...

Chekov - let Sammy Morse have his 15 seconds. "Being dumped by the Tories" is a most amusing comment, as events will show.

Michael Shilliday said...

Sammy, when we're in the doldrums of 7 MLAs, I'll worry.

Sammy Morse said...

I'm sure you'll get your chance before too long, Michael.

Michael Shilliday said...

You have your now. Off you go.