Wednesday, 22 October 2008

In the wrong hands - parasites strip LFC of profit to pay their debt

Liverpool FC could be in the possession of Dubai Investment Company right now. DIC would have financed a new stadium, taken on any debt held by the club and provided something toward a transfer kitty, in order that Rafa Benitez might rebuild his team.

Indeed, having had their initial bid spurned, in favour of American owners Gillett & hicks, the Arab investors have returned several times, offering the pair substantial profits on top of their initial investment, to sell the club and unburden it of the requirement to pay debt which they incurred in its purchase.

Against this background, Liverpool will announce profits of £40 million, £25 million of which will be immediately siphoned off to service the borrowing which landed the club with these parasitic Yanks in the first place!

Apparently the pair reaffirmed their ‘commitment’ to Liverpool and their intention to remain owners for the foreseeable future. Their commitment is not wanted or needed. The club need new owners, who can afford their acquisition outright and consequently allow profits to be spent where they are needed, on the stadium and on the playing staff.


alan said...

Foreign investment in English Premier league clubs, like LFC, is a Trojen horse which will neigh with a big smile on its face when,after the credi crunch, it says goodbye to a country that has lost the identity of its so called big football clubs.Thank goodness for the Football League,the Scottish league and the Irish League where real supporters follow British football.Thank goodness for Michel Platini a football man in a game ruled by money

Dinamo said...

I've always subscribed to the Boris Johnston point of view of the self obsessed bunch of semi criminal types who follow liverpool football club. And i've never had the stomach for the so-called scouse sense of humour. This article is typical of the distortion that so many espouse. Given that liverpool have n't won the league for 20 years they thought it best to sell the club to anyone who was interested. The old inferiority complex with Man Utd is never far from the surface.Rather than thank these generous american benefactors (who made their cash fortunes fron the iraq war) they criticise the gearing of theh capital structure. What a cheek!