Thursday, 21 April 2011

Unionist Lite - thanks for the memories.

I was shocked to check the blog A Pint of Unionist Lite this afternoon and discover that O'Neill is shutting down shop.  It's a sad day for the unionist blogosphere.  UL pre-existed this blog and it was one of the first politics sites, after Slugger, which I began to read regularly.  I've also greatly enjoyed collaborating with O'Neill over the years and must thank him for all the help and encouragement.  Let's hope he reconsiders, but if not, goodbye Unionist Lite and thanks for the memories.  A great blog and a great blogger.


Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks for bringing this to my notice; I'm a bit surprised, though it does very occasionally enter the old grey cells as to how long one can plod on.

I imagine that as long as one has the passion to carry on with one's interests, et al.

I, too, should like to send my compliments to O'Neill and wish him well - I'm sure he'll comment on other blogs.


slug said...

O'Neill - if you're reading this - thanks for all the blogs, I thought Unionst Lite was a great read. I found it very stimulating, intelligent, and inspiring. I will miss it.

Dilettante said...

I've been talking with O'Neill - he's considering become a part-time contributor on Dilettante, covering Northern Ireland - watch this space, UL fans.

Wildgoose said...

Thanks for the notice Dilettante - O'Neill's blog has always been one of the better quality blogs (and which explains the breadth of his readership).

j said...

He also seems to be on slugger more and more recently

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