Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mapping pro-Putin and pro-Medvedev Russia

Will Putin or Medvedev contest next year's presidential election in Russia?  The answer is by no means certain.  Everything either man does at the moment is interpreted as pre-campaign manoeuvring.

To that end the New Times has sketched up an intriguing map showing pro Putin and pro Medvedev regions of Russia.  It's all rather conjectural, but the speculation is rather fun.

It scores it 28 solid Putin regions to 14 for Medvedev.   The remaining 41 regions are dominated by neither man.    It must be said that the stats aren't based so much on voter intention as the administrative subtleties in each region.

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Hernandez said...

If I was a betting man - which I am - I would put my money on Putin being the next President.