Monday, 4 April 2011

Slick or bland? The DUP's party promo.

The events in Omagh on Saturday rather put petty party-political squabbles into perspective.  Still, our electoral wheels turn, regardless of the futile, nihilistic violence which subsists at the edges of our society.

Over at Slugger, Mick preview’s the DUP’s 2011 election broadcast.  Like any party promo it’s ripe for parody.  DR points out the resemblance to a DIY store advert and the puzzling detail that its two stars are apparently getting up at 3 minutes past eight in the evening, in order to do a spot of decorating.

These quibbles aside, no-one would deny that it’s a slick production but in my opinion it’s also a trifle bland.  There’s the predictable ’unionist unity’ sting in the tail but in keeping with the party’s ’modern’ image it‘s a little coy.  More “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” than “smash Sinn Féin”.

2 comments: said...

I think both... unfortunatelly for us.

Seymour Major said...

I would say slick.

It is a piece of spin which insults the intelligence of people with a basic knowledge of Northern Irish Politics. On the other hand, it plays the percentage game rather well. The core message of the broadast is that the DUP has built something which should not be allowed to be pulled down.

The anachronism about getting up at 3 minutes past 8 in the evening will be noticed by some but the symbolism of 2003 and a Government lasting 4 years is a novelty and I suspect that unfair comparisons will be made with previous Assemblies which did not go the distance and where the UUP was the largest party.

Also, being a minority party in Government gives the UUP the worst of all Worlds. The DUP is able to "trumpet" its record in office but the UUP cant do the same thing since it is not seen as being in power. On the other hand, they cant attack the DUP in the same way that an opposition can at a normal election. The UUP should have got their opposition idea into action before halfway through the outgoing administration.