Monday, 3 January 2011

Pro-Union confidence?

Over at Open Unionism O’Neill has delivered something approaching a New Year message.  In a post called ‘Quiet confidence’ he sketches an optimistic picture.  It strikes me that, if O’Neill is right, although ‘unionist’ parties in Northern Ireland are in disarray, the objectives of unionism here are in relatively good shape.
If I were a nationalist, the last two election results and their consequences would... greatly disturb me. In the Euros of 2009, the DUP fought on the traditionalist (accept no substitute) 
“Vote for us, Keep them out!” ticket. They didn’t “smash Sinn Fein” because the pro-Union electorate wasn’t that bothered about “smashing Sinn Fein”- it was self-confident enough to instead exercise its democratic right.
Well worth reading the whole article.  

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Dilettante said...

We 'liberal unionists' have been saying this since the general election at least - but it does make a fine opening salvo for the new year. :)