Thursday, 13 January 2011

Murphy gets a sectarian bun-fight started - just as he intended.

In today's Belfast Telegraph I have my say on Conor Murphy's proposed policy to cantonise Northern Ireland with traffic signs in either Irish or Ulster Scots.  Why not commission the graffiti artists who spray  "Prods out" or "Taigs out" on walls to DRD instead?  It would be cheaper and just as effective.

Over at Newswhip Jason Walsh highlights a tiff between Alliance and the SDLP over the issue.  Conall McDevitt sees Anna Lo's "ghettoisation" and raises her a "sectarianism".  A pointless quarrel over a pointless initiative.

As anyone who read the piece in today's Tele will know, I'm highly suspicious of Murphy's motives in raising this issue, particularly right now.  It's the typical Sinn Féin tactic of sparking controversy, starting a sectarian bun-fight and then claiming the moral high-ground.

The DRD minister should complete his spending plan for the draft budget and sort out Northern Ireland Water, rather than dragging up divisive nonsense intended to provoke a reaction.

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Timothy Belmont said...

Talk about Ideology! This would be an utter waste - squandering - of public money.

Who needs bi-lingual signage? Signs in Polish would be more useful!

This proposal ought to be dismissed out of hand.