Wednesday, 13 January 2010

UUP seek win in Craigavon

In the frenzy of political activity over the past fortnight it has been rather overlooked. But today voters go to the polls in a council by-election in Craigavon. A ballot is required in the Lurgan ward after the TUV’s attempt to co-opt a replacement for its outgoing councillor, Mark Russell, was rejected by opponents.

It is a four way contest which does not include the DUP. So voters will not have an opportunity to deliver a bloody nose to that party just yet. The SDLP and Sinn Féin are each fielding candidates, but the likelihood is that either Jo-Anne Dobson from the Ulster Unionists, or David Calvert, whom the TUV wished originally to co-opt, will take the seat.

Despite inclement conditions, it seems that canvassing has been continuing apace in Lurgan. Daphne Timble reports a positive response to the UUP message from the doorsteps. Another by-election victory would boost morale in the run-up to the Westminster poll this spring.

Incidentally, although I should illustrate this story with a more up to date photograph, the combination of Jo-Anne, Eric Pickles and the Ballymena Showgrounds is too good to resist. Pity about the tractors and livestock on the pitch!


Gary said...

Have you been to Fairhill lately, hey!

Chekov said...

Yeah. On Boxing Day trying to get a present to take to my girlfriend's mother's house. And there were hardly any shops open! Pah!