Thursday, 21 January 2010

"And we've got plenty more on Peter Robinson....."

Continuing to mine a rich seam of American comedy this morning, you'll remember this episode of the Simpsons.

After Chief Wiggum imposes a curfew, the children of Springfield exact revenge by broadcasting secrets about the adult population. They're quite literally attempting to get their way on policing and justice issues using media as leverage.

Remind anyone of any real life situations?

Last weekend the DUP was supposed to be collecting its figurative teeth from the carpet after high profile revelations in a Sunday newspaper. The stories failed to emerge. Instead, party representatives were reportedly holed up in Hertfordshire, meeting Owen Paterson.

Stability for the DUP was maintained for a week, at least.

With the DUP leaking like a sieve, much to the Tories' displeasure and the talks at Stormont reportedly close to collapse, this could be more of a stay of execution than a genuine reprieve.


Gonzo said...

This is too weird. We were both writing blogs about the DUP/UCUNF meeting and thinking about Chief Wiggum at the same time...

Chekov said...

Look forward to reading your Wiggum based analysis Gonzo!