Friday, 15 January 2010

Link and you miss it.

Who knows what lies ahead this weekend for the MP for Lagan Valley, Jeffrey Donaldson? It's good to know, however, that Jeffrey's thinking of old friends. Scroll down this list of useful links and click on 'Friends of the Union'. Well it was a Conservative ginger group!


Garza said...

I've heard myself what might come out this weekend. LOL you think you know someone.

not twitter said...

Perhaps he was just running as a double agent these last few years.

I imagine he'll be contacting Jim Allister soon as he hasn't managed to get into the DUP inner circle yet and shows no likelihood of.

O'Neill said...

If I'm reading you (and about 1,000gloating texts and email senders) right I think you might be jumping the gun, Sunday Life have just twittered:

"Due to production problems our free Daniel O'Donnell CD will not be with next week's paper and will come out later in the year instead."

So, a lot of disappointment there for Wee Jeffr..Daniel's legion of followers in NI there.