New addition to the Northern Irish blogosphere

And rather an articulate one at that. 'Cicero's Voice'. A link has been added on my bloglist.


Timothy Belmont said…
I hope Cicero gets as much amusement from venting his spleen, on occasion, as self!
Anonymous said…
So transparently a UUP version of Red Rag. Dmaien McBride would be pleased.
O'Neill said…
UUP version of Red Rag.

The main boss at Conservative HQ has been asked about that, they wouldn't authorise one unfortunately- even threatened to throw us off the payroll.


All the best for tonight, but don't forget the conference call with Internet Control at 10 am- heavy day of smearing ahead I suspect.
Anonymous said…
No denial.
O'Neill said…
Ha! Ha!

The last comment re Internet Control by the way is for the benefit of Chris Donnelly, if by any chance he's reading- he's gripped by the same nasty dose of paranoia apparently.
Anonymous said…
I have a confession to make. I used to actually be someone who would have supported the Tory Party at election time: but exposure to you two clowns has turned me right off.

Oh and another thing, Jim Nicholson can whistle for my number 2 vote!
O'Neill said…
Then you must be a very shallow person indeed to allow your politics to be influenced either way by 2 blogging clowns;)
Gary said…
Nothing rattles my cage more than the damage done to the Union by the two Unionist parties and their constant bickering, if you want Unionist voters to be turned off, then that's the way to go.
O'Neill said…

Things do get a bit childish at times but they are two different parties and it is to be expected that there is differences of opinion on almost all subjects except the Union. That's healthy surely in a democracy?

The electorate in NI should be given the widest choice possible at elections; if that means a bit of debate, banter and argument than we'd get in a one-party state, then so be it.

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