Friday, 3 April 2009

No Damned film for Northern Ireland cinema goers

I enjoyed David Peace’s novel ‘The Damned United’ tremendously. Indeed I was so enthusiastic that I indulged in wild hyperbole on this weblog, likening it to Hamlet, with Brian Clough cast as the prince and Elland Road substituted for Elsinore.

Naturally I’ve been looking forward to the release of a film, based on the novel. But today, after searching local cinema websites for a showing this evening, I learned that in Northern Ireland the movie is not yet available. The rest of the UK can watch the film, but its distributors have decided to deny us the pleasure.

Now, I understand fully that demand to watch Michael Sheen play Clough has exceeded expectation. However with 200 prints available you might expect that one could have found its way to Belfast, given that it is a regional capital.

Perhaps Monica McWilliams could graft something for poor deprived cinema goers on to the recommendations for a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights.

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