Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Provos vs. Pat?

Have you ever wondered how junior Provos spend their time, now that ‘Introduction to Explosive Devices’ courses are a no-no? The Irish News has provided a fascinating insight. It turns out Ogra Sinn Féin members are striking a blow for a 32 county Ireland by painting Royal Mail post boxes green. Now I don’t know how young Provisional recruiters are prepared to go, but I had assumed that Ogra SF were roughly the same age as other party youth wings, rather than 8 years old! More importantly can these young hoodlums not be prosecuted for vandalism?


beano said...

I recall a story in this vein last year (or before?). Somewhat lacking in original thinking from the sounds of it.

There it is.

The campaign's obviously not going that well, since here they use the same post box in 2 different photos.

O'Neill said...

Just being reading their website, what an unpleasant bunch of unreconstructed sectarian and racist bigots they really are.

And it's not just the post-boxes they're redecorating for "Ireland", check out the grafitti (in the same colour paint) on the phone-box on the left here. Under the "IRA" is that a F*ck-da-Queen I see? Almost makes you wish the SAS were back in town, sorting out the pathetic little shits.