Wednesday, 6 August 2008

'The largest chip on Europe's shoulder'

Newton Emerson has turned his satirical eye on the West Belfast Festival with devastating effect in the Irish Times. In particular he takes umbrage at the media’s uncritical acceptance of the festival organisers’ claim that it constitutes ‘Europe’s biggest community festival’. He then turns his remorseless gaze on claims that it has a ‘strong international theme’. No small irony there for Emerson to enjoy given that the festival springs from a region of Belfast which constantly demands recognition of its separateness from the rest of the city, and is doing so through just such events.

The best line is reserved for the end of the piece.

“Why not take an international trip across the Border yourself, and see the largest chip on Europe's shoulder?”


yourcousin said...

Was it really devastating? Or was it just more satire aimed at a grouping you like to see ribbed?

Chekov said...

I'd say satire is judged by its accuracy and humour. This had both, ergo it was 'devastating' in my book.