Monday, 14 April 2008

Wretched DUPe whips up (sorry!) Irish cream row

The Newsletter has a great deal of fun with dairy product puns, as the paper charts the antics of North Down DUP councillor John Montgomery, who last week made an idiot of himself by objecting to Marks and Spencer describing some whipping cream made in Northern Ireland as ‘Irish whipping cream’. NDBC’s Corporate Committee then passed, by two votes, Montgomery’s proposal that they write to the company and complain.

These are the sort of antics that made the DUP infamous. They are also the type of antics which make right thinking unionists tear their hair out in despair. Instead of disclaiming the terms Ireland or Irish, unionists should instead be keen to clarify that they refer to the entire island and are just as applicable to Northern Ireland as they are to the Republic. Whipping cream from Northern Ireland is incontrovertibly ‘Irish whipping cream’ and all but the most wretched imbecile would acknowledge this without difficulty.

Of course, the more subtle points about geography and identity aside, what is really pitiful about Montgomery’s complaint is that it is so desperately puerile (as acknowledged even by Montgomery’s party colleague Leslie Cree). Take the statement from the councillor, “I was in Marks and Spencer last month looking for some cream, and was in a rush, so I had no alternative but to pick up what was labelled ‘Irish cream’”. He is clearly suggesting that the description ‘Irish’ would have dissuaded him from buying the product had he not been in a rush.

Thoroughly pathetic.


Kloot said...

Those DUPers, using any excuse to whip up a storm ;)

Hernandez said...

It's a good job he's not a whisky drinker!

Kloot said...

And then there's that terrible "Irish" weather that the Weather forecasters are always on about!

Its British weather I tell you!!

CW said...

While Montgomery was at it he should have complained that the cream was in the M&S dairy section, instead of the Londondairy section.

He's milking the situation for all it's worth, as he wants to butter up his voters, but that's an udder story. Then he can churn out the usual bull. I'll get my coat.

Kloot said...