Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hicks, Gillett or Parry? Get rid of them all!

Sandwiched between Liverpool Football Club marking the 19th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster and a vital Champions League semi-final tie against Chelsea, Liverpool’s co-owner Tom Hicks has thought it propitious to give an interview to Sky Sports, in which he refers to the club’s chief executive as ‘a disaster’. Hicks’ interview seems to comprise an attempt to re-ingratiate himself with supporters, but in its spectacularly poor timing and its back-biting character these comments are unlikely to restore confidence in the reviled co-owner.

Ironically Hicks comments about Parry do contain a grain of truth. Parry’s fractious relationship with manager Rafa Benitez and his tendency to dawdle in the transfer market, have detrimentally effected attempts to build a world class team and launch a sustained challenge for the Premiership title. In contrast courting Rafa Benitez and making vague promises to clear debt saddled on the club by the American takeover, should he become sole owner, seems like insincere fire-fighting.

Rather than winning over supporters, when Hicks trades allegations of culpability with his partner George Gillett, he merely reinforces the view that neither man should be involved in the club.

Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands. Ideally the 2008-2009 season would start without Hicks, Gillett or indeed Rick Parry. In the mean time all three should keep quiet and let the spotlight rest on Rafa Benitez and the team he aspires to make Champions of Europe for a sixth time.


Hernandez said...

I saw an interview with Parry. The interviewer was asking quite legitimate questions and all Parry had to say was "it's a matter for the board" He said this to every question. It was very childish. I actually agree with Hicks over Parry - he is out of his depth. I think he should go. Under him, Liverpool have fallen so far behind Man U commercially and that is his responsibility.

Dinamo said...

I have followed liverpool for years. Actually I consider this essay to be unfair. Tom Hicks is a decent big fella, persecuted by xenophobic people. Wee geordie gillette is a good and fair-minded guy and Rick Parry is highly competent. Benitez is the weaklink.