Coulter plumbs the depths with race war garbage

I have mentioned before the preposterous, gratuitously controversial nonsense propounded by ‘revolutionary unionist’ Dr (!?) John Coulter. This supposed political commentator writes outrageous enough articles for the Blanket, nominally a political journal, but his most florid output is disseminated through that organ of intellectual discourse, the Irish Daily Star.

Normally I would not get too exercised about journalism in such a newspaper, but Coulter’s latest column was on Newshound today and I believe it is an outrageously sensationalist and indeed inflammatory treatment of a serious subject. The article purports to deal with racism in Northern Ireland, an issue which has arisen after xenophobic attacks on Lithuanian immigrants in Cookstown.

Instead of analysing seriously the causes and effects of these attacks and deducing what might be done to prevent them, we have a febrile evocation of the BNP winning the forthcoming London Assembly election, boatloads of jackbooted fascists streaming into Ulster, Islamic terrorists rampant throughout Ireland, bloody race war replacing sectarian conflict and even the malevolent ghost of Enoch Powell cackling delightedly at the unfolding mayhem.

All of which would be merely laughable, were it not presented as a knowledgeable academic’s assessment of a truly insidious phenomenon.


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