Monday, 28 January 2008

Kane's aim is true on Victims' Commissioners

Alex Kane is in good form in his Newsletter column this week. Having thoroughly excoriated the Bill of Rights project and examined its fallacious suppositions and disingenuous motivations he moved on to consider the appointment of four victims’ commissioners rather than one.

Kane is justifiably cynical about the need for four commissioners and the reasons behind such an appointment.

“It will, as the other creations have done, attempt to impose an equality agenda upon the matter in an effort to convince us that everyone is deserving of equal treatment because everyone is equally guilty.”

Kane’s conclusion is particularly pertinent.

“Am I the only one left in Northern Ireland who believes that the blame for most of the problem should be placed upon the doorsteps of republican and loyalist paramilitaries? And am I the only one left who believes that these "former" paramilitaries exploit the existence of commissions, consortiums and consultations entirely for their own self-justifying agenda? If we can't lock them up, can we please stop providing them with platforms in which they can add insult to the injuries they have already done (and continue to do) to so many?”

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