Thursday, 3 January 2008

Campbell backs Orange Hall arsonists?

I couldn't help but chuckle at this quote from the Derry Journal.

The North must become a 'warm house' for Orangeism, East Derry MP Gregory Campbell has said.

One wonders how much warmer it can get?

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O'Neill said...

The rest of his sentence you quote:

not the burning cesspool that some republican elements would reduce our halls to.

is also a bit of hyperbolic nonsense.

For Gregory's benefit, according to my online dictionary, a "cesspool" is:

1.a cistern, well, or pit for retaining the sediment of a drain or for receiving the sewage from a house.
2. any filthy receptacle or place.
3. any place of moral filth or immorality: a cesspool of iniquity

It would be technically very difficult to get the cesspool in definition 1) to burn and I'm sure the OO would less than chuffed to have their halls described with either definition 2) or 3)