Friday, 21 September 2007

Summer in Baden Baden

I am in the process of reading a remarkable an almost indescribable novel, Summer in Baden Baden by Leonid Tsypkin. Written in an unrushing train of prose it follows a narrating intellectual's journey between Moscow and Leningrad during Soviet times and entwines his reading of Anna Dostoevsky's diary. The effect is a startling and beautiful journey, accompanying both the narrator and the Dostoevskys as they travel to Baden Baden and the turbulent author deals with gambling addiction and crippling self-doubt.

This book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Dostoevsky.


Gabriel said...

I too have a great interest in all things Russian, culturally as well as politics of the past.I like your blog and I feel we share sufficient common ground for a link to each others blogs to be mutually beneficial.If you agree to link then please contact me at 'An Unrepentant Communist'

on the commments page of the current post,and I will immediately link your blog to mine.Looking forward to hearing from you.
Gabriel in County Kerry Ireland

Chekov said...

Gabriel your blog is interesting and I'll certainly give you a link, although I would stress that I'm no unrepentant Communist!

Gabriel said...

I appreciate that, incidentally I am not an Unrepentant Communist fact whilst I remain convinced of the benefits of socialism, I am repentant in many ways about the negative aspects of communism..The title of the blog is in fact a quote, as used against Bertholt Brecht when he was in the USA in the early years of the Cold War. Many thanks for the kind words I will be a regular visitor to your blog, being an unrepentant russophile however.