Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Davinity: the new religion of West London

In Will Self’s latest satirical novel he creates a dystopian future London where the citizens worship a 21st century cabbie named Dave. Self’s contortion of godliness in his characteristically fiercely extrapolated world is “Davinity” and it is a word I find myself drawn to for reasons entirely unrelated to the novel.

David Healy, Sir Dave, King David or “the little Lord Jesus” as one enraptured mate of mine insists on calling him, commands an adoration bordering on worship from Northern Ireland fans and I count my self unashamedly amongst the proselytising hordes of the “Davine”.

For years we have been insistent that Healy deserves a greater stage to display his talents at club level. His recent demolitions of defences around Europe in a Northern Ireland shirt, coupled with the departure of “our leader” Lawrie Sanchez to Fulham, have given David this chance and he will ply his trade next season in the Premiership.

Having watched Healy demolish every Northern Ireland goalscoring record by the age of 27 and having felt surges of love which no straight man should feel for another, on the occasions of his greatest achievements, I have little doubt about Sir Dave’s abilities. My reservations exist only as regards the patience of Fulham’s support and chairman, should things not immediately click for Sanchez’s newly constituted squad (and Healy in particular).
Healy must be given every chance to prove himself, up front and every week. If Sanchez has the confidence in the player to do this, and the supporters and chairman have the patience to allow his new arrivals to gel, the goals will come in bucketfuls for the Premiership’s newest and most natural goalscorer.

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