Thursday, 24 March 2011

Minister McCausland continues his 'Kulturkampf'.

With a Conservative / Liberal coalition government in place at Westminster, hands-off government is  in vogue in London.  Not so in Belfast.

Here there are few more hands-on Executive members than Nelson McCausland.  His conception of the work of a culture minister is more in tune with a 1930s dictatorship than a liberal democracy in 2011.

Fresh from telling the Ulster Museum which history it should reflect in its collection and how much swearing should take place in the theatre, the minister intensifies his ‘Kulturkampf’ by demanding that Belfast Festival change its programme.

No such difficulties for McCausland’s chosen projects.  It’s a golden age for the Ulster Scot and only two days ago his department published a document promoting marching bands.  Talk about the silo mentality and ministers’ fiefdoms!

The latest intervention by McCausland asks for more pro-Israeli views at the Belfast Festival at Queens and “some southern gospel music”.  I wonder how exactly the minister would define his remit.  He seems to think its his job to tell people what their culture is.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a problem with marching bands?

Do you believe that the culture and musical art produced by them is somehow less "legitimate" than others?

Interesting that you now seem to place yourself as the arbiter of all that is art in Northern Ireland. Clearly if it doesn't meet your pre-determined ideals then it is to be cast out.

And you accuse Nelson of silo mentality........

Anonymous said...

No views on the virtual implosion of the UUP today. Let's see what were the highlights? 1. John and Basil say they don't care abt an SF First Minister. 2. McNarry goes on and kicks the crap out of them. 3. Tom Backs McNarry. 4. SpAd sacked. 5. Tom says he no longer wants a deal with the DUP: the third new position in a week.

No-one can accuse them of being dull.

Dixie said...

I only hope at the next election people vote this ejit out...

Chekov said...

Anon - I don't have a special problem with marching bands and I don't deny that marching bands are 'cultural'. Not quite sure how you concluded from the piece that I do.