Thursday, 10 March 2011

The art of saying something and nothing.

UCUNF is dead says Tom Elliott.  Tell us something we don't know Tom.  He's already made it perfectly clear that the UUP will stand under its own banner in forthcoming elections.  So what's new?

Well the Ulster Unionist leader's relationship with the Secretary of State has deteriorated, after Owen Paterson declined to change the mechanism for nominating the First Minister.  Other than that - not much.

Jim Nicholson is still part of the Conservative group at the European Parliament.  There are few complications with Lord Empey acting as a Tory peer, now that he will not run for the Ulster Unionists at Stormont.  And the whole troublesome topic of taking a whip at Westminster can be deferred for another few years.

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Anonymous said...

PPoor Tom. Under him the UUP have ended up being neither fish nor fowl.
The DUP are free to characterise the UUP as 'Tory stooges' and no amount of protesting by Tom can undo that perception – afterall they DID stand on a Conservative platform less than a year ago.
To compound matters Tom, bless him, still defends the Coalition Govt - essentially endorsing their actions. Mixed messaging to say the least!
The electorate will be bewildered. Are UUP loyalists supposed to vote UUP because it has broken the link and has no influence with the Govt having insulted the PM, SoS and the Conservative Party? ‘The ship may be sinking but at least it is our ship’ approach?
Those who were in persuaded to vote ‘Conservative and Unionist’ because it was a step towards normal Uk politics – how are they too react to Tom’s remarks? Perhaps the defence of the Coalition Govt was included in Tom’s remarks to try to keep them on board. Truth is they wont be impressed.

Strangely Tom and his mates agrued that the Conservative link didn’t bring any votes.
Doubtless if they lose votes at the Assembly election they will blame the continued confusion of the voters over the link!

Meanwhile the UUP continue their ‘hokey-cokey’ approach to the Executive – opposing the Budget but remaining in the Executive tent.
The DUP meanwhile manage their campaign to present themselves as pragmatic people who roll up their sleeves – a job announcement here and a stadium windfall (in 4 years time!) there. DHSSPS and DEL? No good news to report?

Next week Robbo (and Marty) will strut the World stage in Washington and doubtless there will Job announcements that are being held back. Poor old Danny Kennedy will try to nip into the limelight on DUP coat-trails. Danny will be continuing his overtures to the DUP – after all as the sole UUP Minister after the elections he doesn’t want to be left out in the cold!
Danny wont mind this because he prefers Protestant solidarity to UK politics – that was clear throughout the UCUNF fiasco.

The electorate system will prevent a complete implosion at the election but it is clear the UUP has no purpose any more and its only goal in life is its own survival