Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rafa's self-image

Ok, he's left, and there's no need to continue to put the boot in, but a comment from Rafa Benitez, to a press conference introducing the new Inter manager to the Milan media, made me snort with derision.

"I am different to Mourinho.  I have the mentality of (winning) with good football." 
Er, no Rafa.  You have the mentality of drawing with tedious football.  Ultimately that's why you are no longer manager at Liverpool and its why, unlike Mourinho, you were never able to win a Premier League title.


Chris said...

Fair comment there about Rafa's defensive style, Chekov. Would you back Kenny for the top job at Anfield?

Chekov said...

I'd take Dalglish certainly Chris.