Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Welsh poll result points to Tory gains

From Conservative Home:

“Today's Western Mail carries what Political Betting's Mike Smithson reports as YouGov's first ever Wales-only Westminster voting intention poll. It saw over 1,000 Welsh voters surveyed last week.”

It finds that 34% of Welsh voters intend to vote Labour, just ahead of the Conservatives at 31%, whilst Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats languish at 15% and 12% respectively.

In a traditional Labour heartland, these poll results could translate into twelve Tory seats, which would demolish the thesis that David Cameron presides over an England-only party.

It also reinforces the suspicion that nationalism is not making gains in Wales, similar to those which have been achieved in Scotland.


Anonymous said...

If you watch First Ministers Question Time in Scotland, it is hard not to be impressed by Alex Salmonds style. It is very powerful - if rather rude. At least some of the SNPs strength must be his personality. Under John Swinney, the previous SNP leader, things were not so good for the SNP.

Kevinho said...

Be interesting to know what parts of Wales, because places like Monmouth and Flint are virtually English anyway. Plaid shot themselves in the foot by allying with Labour in the Assembly. But a poll did reckon that a majority are in favour of the assembly getting Scottish Parliament style powers http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/wales_politics/8327321.stm

Matt said...

To everyone, the full results reveal a fairly different picture to the one you seem to be inferring.

Dewi Harries said...

Maybe Chekov - but what's great is that Tories in Wales at last regard us as a nation with the right to actually decide our own future - huge step forward from the "White Settler" Tory tradition here.