Salmond is 'irrelevant' to general election result.

Wouldn’t it have been a rare privilege to be the man, or woman, who, along with morning coffee, delivered to Scotland’s ‘Il Duce’ the news that David Cameron considers him ‘irrelevant’ to the result of the next general election?

One can only imagine the look of indignation which must have contorted Alex Salmond’s smug countenance.

Cameron is of course correct to point out that the SNP leader does not even intend to contest the Westminster poll.

Although, if he is not a candidate, such is the personality cult which envelops Salmond, there is little doubt that he will attempt to turn each and every battle for a Scottish seat into a personal plebiscite on his own popularity. However, in previous general elections, Scots have always rejected the SNP in favour of participating in a national contest.

Mr Cameron’s remarks were in response to Salmond’s suggestion that a hung parliament could follow a general election, in which case his party might hold the balance of power, and Westminster would be ‘hung from a Scottish rope’. The imagery is a nasty (and characteristic) piece of populism which deserves contempt.


Anonymous said…
Of course, the Fish-heid would have been drinking Camp Coffee, with the Highlander and his fellow oppressed colonial subject on the front.
Kevinho said…
Its true that Cameron won't manage to win many seats in Scotland though...
Indy said…
Indignation? He'll have been laughing himself silly.

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