Thursday, 27 March 2008

Shooting fish in a bucket. Feeney again (briefly, I promise)

Another week, another tirade of abuse aimed at unionists masquerading as political commentary, from Brian Feeney. I am boring myself picking apart Feeney’s nonsense on a regular basis, never mind the readers of this blog. I do not propose to analyse his latest offering, an incoherent and constitutionally confused rant which includes a reference to unionists as “horses’ asses” (yes Brian is that pathetic!).

Other than pointing out that not accepting nationalists’ aspirations for a united Ireland does not equate to bigotry (and nor does not following the machinations of the Dail), I want only to linger on one glaring inaccuracy. Feeney decides in the course of his abuse to deliver a sideswipe toward Northern Ireland football supporters.

“It may be ‘our wee country’ to unionists (that’s what they call the IFA fans’ website, to attract nationalists) but it’s not.”

Leaving aside the sweeping and inaccurate political point, the fans’ website entitled Our Wee Country has no connection to the IFA. The site’s home-page even carries the explicit message that the site is “fiercely independent”. The title comes from a post match interview given by Northern Ireland centre-back Barry Hunter after we’d achieved a wonderful 1-1 draw away to Germany “what about our wee country?” the delighted player exclaimed. It is not intended either to attract or repel nationalists Brian.

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