Tuesday, 26 June 2007


1) North Down women's whiny voices, especially those who talk like 15 year old girls despite being grown adults who own businesses.

2) The welly-boot manners of the denizens of County Tyrone.

Sweeping generalisations both, but they are better off my chest than tumouring poisonously within it.

Anyway, speaking of the number 2 category, we now have the joy of 2 for 1 of these hedgerow sophisticates in the house at the moment. A "holistic" therapist no less. Because therapy in specifics clearly lacks ambition. She is a prolific user of "essential oils" as well I believe. No superfluous oils for her!

Particular highlights for me, her trying to rationalise my facetious comment that the next door neighbour takes his cat to play snooker. And Kerry's face on a couple of occasions. Firstly when the Tyrone native announced her detestation of the human species and her contention that we are "scum" in comparison to other species and secondly when she asked for an opinion on Gordon Brown, received some general economic comments from Kerry and declared "no no, not Gordon Brown, I mean Gordon Ramsey".


toddrpr said...

As a rule, I don't talk to people from Tyrone.

Today I was walking along the street, minding my own business, when a young gentleman in a white van suddenly shouted out "ballbag", indisputably aimed at myself. Why do people do this? How can someone of such a mindset pass the driving test? These things prey on my mind constantly.

Thats nothing to do with this topic but anyway...

toddrpr said...

Ladies should not use the word "scum". Is your Tyrone friend perhaps a child of girlpower, i.e. offering her opinions no matter how inane and naive they are?

Chekist said...

Inane and naive are two very apposite adjectives. Latest comments, which thankfully I missed, include - "there's no point wrapping up warmly, because colds are viruses"! There was also the vexed issue of running - she reckons that anything over 20 minutes doesn't improve either fitness or stamina.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Btw, Toad! Yer a ballbag!