Monday, 14 February 2011

DUP selection turns messy.

The UUP is not the only Northern Irish party whose selection process is turning fractious.

Over at Slugger Drumlin’s Rock highlights the curious case of Dr Phillip Weir.  The DUP’s head of policy was deselected in Craigavon where he currently holds a council seat and subsequently failed to get the nod just down the road, in Banbridge.

Obviously the key adviser to Peter Robinson is not easily discouraged.  He intends to try for selection for a third council seat, perhaps that will be the charm.  This time it’s in Lisburn, where Edwin Poots stands down at the next election, in order to concentrate on his Assembly duties.

Meanwhile the News Letter reports that DUP Belfast city councillor, David Rodway, has also been deselected in favour of leading Orangeman, Tom Haire.

It doesn’t look like Rodway will go quietly.  He claims that he may be suffering discrimination because of his agnostic beliefs.  The Cornishman now says that he’s in talks with UUP leader Tom Elliott.

Rodway describes a small group within the DUP “with a narrow view of politics and religion” who “stiched (him) up”.  Not the type of allegation Robinson will want to hear repeated as he tries to claim the unionist centre ground.


Michael Shilliday said...

I wonder by what criteria Weir is eligible to stand in three different councils.

Anonymous said...

Live, work or pay rates is the usual rule.

Anonymous said...

did the DUP guy sign a declaration saying he would support the sucessful candidates?

Does anyone know if Paula bradshaw, harry hamilton or David McClarty did the same??

Anonymous said...

Conseils tres interessants. A quand la suite?

Anonymous said...

Can you have agnostic beliefs?

I suppose if you are Cornish.