Monday, 6 December 2010

Another resignation from Lagan Valley UUP

Following on from the departure of John K Lund, it appears that Lisburn UUP's chairman Roderick Oliver has flown the UUP coup.  I've been forwarded the following resignation statement.

I have spent the last two months considering my position within the UUP
I did feel that at one stage, that with an alliance with the Conservative Party, the UUP was actively moving to be a mainstream party within the United Kingdom, and not just an insular fringe party within Northern Ireland, trading on unionist dogma
The UUP/Tory electoral link, was grossly mismanaged by the UUP leadership, which resulted in the electoral disaster in the Westminster elections this year
Since this time, the party has regressed to within it's "comfort zone", and is clinging to the misplaced belief that "things will come right again".
I have discussed my position with other disaffected members of the party several times over the last two months and notice that several of them have already subsequently resigned from the UUP
I now feel with them, that politics in Northern Ireland would be better served by a more progressive approach to the Provinces problems, which a revitalised Conservative Party would provide and thus tender my resignation forthwith.

At the party conference on Saturday Basil McCrea told a BBC reporter that he would be staying put but, following on from criticism of the party by Lisburn Councillor Ronnie Crawford, Lagan Valley is becoming a serious problem for the UUP.


Michael Shilliday said...

John Lund quits, his friends follow. Quelle surprise.

thedissenter said...

John has been suspended, but on the Nolan Show I don't think he has said he has left. But if he has, no matter. What do those who are whining at present mean by 'progressive'? What do they seriously hope for from the Conservative Party? At a loss as to what they are really wanting. It is far too early to say who Elliott's leadership could be defined, and the disaster that was Reg has now gone. They really need to catch a grip.

Anonymous said...

I guess by joining the Conservatives they can distance themselves from the car crash that is the UUP
Ronnie Crawford is a maverick but occasionally hits the nail on the head - cant imagine he is comfortable with UUP nonsense of current direction

Michael - get out more

Dilettante said...

Will Roderick Oliver be actually joining the Conservatives?

Chekov said...

Dil - that's my understanding, although it didn't come to me from the man in question, so a note of caution on the info.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is all about Mallie's
2010 group, if so look for another 20 or 30 leaving over the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Fail to see the relevance of this member resigning, a friend of Mr Lund, one of a handful in a Party of 2000 members. I have no doubt the membership of Lagan Valley will grow over the next six months rather than drop with the likes of Lund and his cronies out of the way.