Monday, 22 November 2010

UUP Assembly candidates

I'll hopefully get to comment on the list soon, but just at the moment I'm between a Queen's medical school prize-giving (not on my own behalf I might add) and rushing out to gavaryoo pa Russki, so, without any added value, here are the UUP's Assembly election candidates:

North Antrim:            Bill Kennedy                Robin Swann 

East Antrim:              Roy Beggs (Jnr)        Rodney McCune

South Antrim:            Danny Kinahan          Adrian Watson 

North Belfast:             Fred Cobain 

West Belfast:             Bill Manwarring 

South Belfast:            Mark Finlay                Michael McGimpsey 

East Belfast:              Reg Empey                Tim Lemon 

North Down:               Colin Breen                Leslie Cree 

Strangford:                 David McNarry          Mike Nesbitt 

South Down:              John McCallister 

Newry & Armagh:      Danny Kennedy 

Lagan Valley:             Mark Hill                     Basil McCrea 

Upper Bann:              Jo-Anne Dobson       Sam Gardiner            Colin McCusker 

F&ST:                         Kenny Donaldson      Tom Elliott 

Mid Ulster:                  Sandra Overend 

West Tyrone:             Ross Hussey 

East Londonderry:    David Harding           Lesley Macaulay 
Foyle:                          Still to select 


Joanne said...

Am I missing something here? Is Reggie a Tory or UU peer? And how does he plan to sit in Westminster as a working peer & in Stormont as an MLA? Has he forgotten all that double jobbing stuff so soon? And don't start me on Adrian Watson...What was all that again about backward facing parish pumps?

deirdre said...

I was going to leave more or less the same comment.
never mind double-jobbing, can Reg really double-party? it's an honest question, I was under the impression you can't be a member of two political parties at once