Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ethno-religious nationalism: SF's mask slips

Sinn Fein couches so much of its rhetoric in the vocabulary of equality that it is easy to forget that the party are in actuality an extreme group of ethno religious nationalists. In case we were in any doubt, Martina Anderson MLA, erstwhile bomber and ‘Unionist Engagement Director’ has striven to remind us by protesting that Catholics from places other than Ireland shouldn’t be counted as Catholics for the purpose of fair employment legislation.

As if Anderson’s previous means of advancing her politics wasn’t fascist enough (i.e. attempting to bomb innocent people), she is attempting to deny workers the right to classify themselves as Catholics on monitoring forms, simply because they are not Irish nationalists. This woman who attempted to murder people is only interested in equality and protection for her own narrowly defined ethno-religious tribe. The previously stated aim of preventing sectarianism clearly is not important, as Polish or Lithuanian Catholics (for example) do not seem to count for Anderson.


Safiya Outlines said...
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Safiya Outlines said...

I am persistantly disappointed that such people, who should rightfully be under lock and key, are not only at liberty, but actually in a position of influence.

Thank God we are coming out of the dark ages and most people are concerned about things other then the MOPEist agenda. A bigot can wear whatever clothes they likes, they're still a bigot.

P.S Have added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind.


Chekov said...

Not at all Safiya. Likewise.

Hernandez said...

Lets face it the Shinners are in politics for one reason only and it aint education or health or public transport. Putting them in charge of education is like putting Nick Leeson in charge of the fecking Treasury.