Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Representation that works

Predictably i have yet to receive a reply from Edwin Poots as regards the eligibility argument (which I make no apologies for raising ad infinitum on this blog).

In contrast Danny Kennedy MLA's response was swift and he has certainly been true to his word advancing this issue robustly and with intent.


beano said...

To be fair, Poots isn't doing nothing. He's met the IFA and written to FIFA.

That said, I have no doubt he could be doing more, probably a lot more.

Chekov said...

Beano, I get the impression on this issue, as on others, Poots is merely going through the motions. Kennedy meanwhile has some passion and energy being a block-booker himself.

What exactly are Poots' interests in arts, culture and leisure? What is he passionate about in these areas? is he a football fan?

I get no sense from him that he's engaged or particularly interested in his ministerial remit.