Thursday, 16 August 2007

Do baldness and obesity make you tell more lies?

There is something almost pleasingly symmetrical about Slugger’s resident Shinner bigot parroting the defamations of another abhorrent mouthpiece from a different tradition.

Clearly incoherent republican propaganda on the internet is one thing, but when the public face of obesity in local sport unravels the sulphurous sphincter of his imagination to dump lustily on the clean floor of truth, the snivelling sycophants who comprise local sports’ journalism gobble up his diarrhoeic offerings with ravenous enthusiasm.

The porcine liar’s vendetta against Ballymena fans seems to date back to taunts referring to his marital break-up. But the fat philanderer seems to see no substantive difference between songs sung by a football crowd and delivering bare-faced lies in a news conference.

Anyone with a modicum of experience of either Ballymena fans or the Irish League in general knows this incident didn’t happen and even Linfield fans are tentatively suggesting that their imbecilic boss has got this one badly wrong. Needless to say Ballymena supporters have reacted with horror at the accusations and every other teams’ supporters have voiced their disbelief at the allegations issuing from the bastion of footballing bigotry’s manager.

The fact that Jeffrey’s comments were blatant lies is no disincentive for the likes of Christopher Donnelly to use them to smear Irish League football, Ballymena as a town and anything else he perceives as predominately unionist.

I would urge the club, who have legal advice available freely at boardroom level, to look into redressing the lies told by Jeffrey and repeated by a third-rate republican propagandist, whether through the courts or by means of a full retraction.

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