Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Moscow Tory blog

I have added an excellent blog, ‘Moscow Tory’, to my Recommended List on the right hand side of the page. Its author, Carl Thomson, contested the Glasgow East constituency for the Conservatives during the last general election. Judging from an extensive range of articles, Carl’s knowledge of eastern Europe is formidable and his examinations of its politics are scrupulously thorough.

The latest piece, deconstructing some of the myths which often characterise the western interpretation of Ukrainian politics, is well worth perusing. Viktor Yanukovich is opposed to Ukraine joining Nato, he advocates greater rights for Russian speakers and he may well become the country’s next president on merit. But as Carl observes,

“the interpretation of the Orange Revolution as a stand-off between the forces of democracy and the forces of authoritarianism, or between Russia and the West, was almost entirely contrived and artificial.”

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