Monday, 16 February 2009

Ashamed of Wilson? Don't be duped again! (3)

The fact that Northern Ireland’s environment brief is in the hands of ‘climate change sceptic’ (or Minister for the Absurd), Sammy Wilson, has garnered UK wide attention following a well publicised rant about an energy efficiency advert. Following on from his hapless performance on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, the rubicund buffoon found himself the subject of a Sunday Times’ profile in yesterday’s paper.

In fact, Sammy has performed so poorly, with his constant gaffs and steady stream of unrestrained, sub-Clarkson, populist ranting, that Esoterica NI speculates Peter Robinson might be prepared to recall Edwin Poots to the executive as a replacement. Such is the life of the post-Paisley DUP leader! Deciding which one of a pair of lunatics spews the least embarrassing brand of flat earth cobblers.

The Times’ article puts Wilson’s comments in the context of other expressions of DUP nutterdom. Why on earth shouldn’t it? This is a party which consistently expresses views which are anathema to the vast majority of British people, never mind British politicians. It succeeds only in exacerbating the sense that Northern Ireland is out of touch with the rest of the nation. It makes our politics the subject of ridicule.

Of course the Sammy Wilson profile only scratches the surface. Banned ELO concerts, tsunamis as God’s revenge for sin. An exhaustive list of embarrassing views expressed by party representatives would be practically endless. Northern Ireland’s electorate might not forever forget its sense of shame when it goes to the polls.


fair_deal said...

"populist ranting"
"which are anathema to the vast majority of British people"

Which is it? Something cannot be a populist position and anathema to the vast majority?

fair_deal said...

"out of touch with the rest of the nation"

Major poll on public skepticismabout climate change

Anonymous said...

Fair Deal - I am not sure where you are coming from on this one. You are not actually defending Sammy, are you? You don't actually believe that our Environment Minister should be acting as he has done? Most DUP representatives I have spoken to have not rushed to defend Sammy (and that is being charitable). Are you actually saying that he is right to have said and done what he has said and done regarding climate change?

Obviously the 'he is provoking a debate on the issue' line is pretty unconvincing, as those who repeated it last week knew. Columnists provoke debate. Witty backbenchers provoke debate. Even humble bloggers can provoke debate. Ministers, however, are meant to govern.

Chekov said...

"Which is it? Something cannot be a populist position and anathema to the vast majority?"

You see people are generally discerning enough to distinguish between amusing rants from columnists etc and what they want to hear from government / political figures. Therein lies the paradox.

fair_deal said...

"You are not actually defending Sammy, are you?"

No but there are many means of criticising Sammy's views or actions but not by producing an argument that is contradictory (populist and out of touch huh?)and claiming an unpopularity that is unsubstantiated.

It's about raising the standard of debate beyond the other party are a bundle of ***** and everybody hates them you know.


BTW How did the UUP councillors on Ballymena vote on the ELO concert ban? I think I remember Steve Bruce writing in one of his books that they voted for it but my memory could well be serving me ill.

Also as for councillors coming out with outlandish statements, two words, Fred Crowe.

fair_deal said...

Or even Nevile Sanders.

Chekov said...


The UUP won the next council election on the strength of local embarrassment.

fair_deal said...


They may very well have been the beneficiaries of the debacle but how did they vote?

What was the famous Roy Gillespie quote about that concert?

Chekov said...

I'm not sure how they voted. I will check.

Roy Gillespie opposed the concert on the grounds that it would bring 'drugs, devilment and debauchery'. He was highly successful as banning the concert prevented all those three things from reaching the town! :-/

fair_deal said...

"'drugs, devilment and debauchery'."

Was it not devil worship?

"He was highly successful as banning the concert prevented all those three things from reaching the town! :-/"

I think they'd probably managed to reach Ballymena before 1993. Is Roy TUV or UUCP now?

Chekov said...

"Was it not devil worship?"

I think it was just short of devil worship, although it wouldn't entirely surprise me. He also called Harry Potter 'a dangerous cult'. And yes, it is supposed to be an 'l'.

"Is Roy TUV or UUCP now?"

He's UUCP as far as I'm aware. Any conjunction of letters as long as it's not DUP or ELO! ;-)

CW said...

I remember the current pope saying something similar about Harry Potter. The DUP and the Vatican obviously have more in common than they would care to think!