Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Poots a sock in it

It was only a matter of time, but the DUP has decided to attack Sir Reg Empey because an obscure Conservative member of Croydon Council has a shadowy past, including a connection with the IRA. No matter that none of her colleagues had any inkling Maria Gatland had anything to hide, never mind that she immediately resigned her post and has since been suspended from the council’s Conservative group. Who better to infer, on the most tenuous of connections, that this story has repercussions for Sir Reg and the Ulster Unionists, than inveterate imbecile and Maze terrordome enthusiast, Edwin Poots?

Apparently Empey, who I’d imagine, in common with Pootsie, had no inkling of Mrs Gatland’s existence yesterday morning, has ‘extremely serious questions to answer’. “it would be perverse for Reg Empey to belong to the same party as someone who was closely associated with that wicked terrorist campaign”. Even if Sir Reg were a member of the same party as Gatland, which he clearly isn’t, it would be perverse to hold him to account for the past of each member of a 290,000 strong political party!

The DUP’s preoccupation with the Conservative / Ulster Unionist alliance is becoming an embarrassment. Mark Devenport reports an internal e-mail advising all party representatives to refer to Conservatives as Tories, because it believes this term carries pejorative connotations. Until the Dupes can find a way to launch a serious, substantive argument, based on policy, against the Conservative / UUP deal, they would be better to retain a little dignity with silence.


O'Neill said...

Once again the Dupes aint done their research: Edwin asks when the Tories will expell her from the party. The answer is they don't need to:

As the Dupe Press Office appear to be TI (tech. illiterate), here it is in God's English:

In addition to leaving the cabinet she has also resigned from the Conservative party but has not yet decided whether to stand down as a councillor

Printed yesterday, a full day before Edwin's "blast", which the jug-eared wonder would have known if he'd spent a couple of minutes googling. They're not very good at this black propaganda lark are they?

Anonymous said...

It also seems to have escaped Mr Poots notice that his First Minister is sharing power with quite a few former terrorists. He even had his photo taken with one in the White House earlier in the week. At least Councillor Gatland renounced her association with the IRA. Not sure if all of Pootsie's government colleagues have done so.

Dinamo said...

From the TV i saw she announced her departure fronm the ira in 1972. She may have been a foolish idealist girl - after all as will the bard said "the best of us are but poor creatures." Well done though -just as the sectarian nature of their campaign was emerging and just before bloody friday..
But what cretinous attempts from DUP to blacken others- it's obviously an individual case.

Chekov said...

"In addition to leaving the cabinet she has also resigned from the Conservative party but has not yet decided whether to stand down as a councillor"

Missed that myself O'Neill. Oh dear Edwin!

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see the DUP floundering around looking for areas of attack on the new entity.

It just shows how worried they are, the more they protest the more they display their fear.

With good reason I might add, no big man, McAlister on one side and the new enity on the other - I would be worried too, if I was in their shoes with votes vanishing like last night's snow.

Timothy Belmont said...

Most unkind! If you could transpose, or morph, Mr Poots's facial likeness on to that illustration of Dumbo, it may well be to our mutual benefit.