Monday, 23 June 2008

Great minds think alike ..... Poots, Corr and conspiracy theories

Jim Corr has spent his career riding on the coat-tails of his glamorous sisters; Edwin Poots has ascended the political ladder thanks to the patronage of the Paisley family. Perhaps an underlying sense of inferiority explains why both men have succumbed to the attraction of outrageous conspiracy theories. The musician has been expounding the traditional brand of ‘New World Order’/ Illuminati/ Freemasonry tinged drivel which informs cranks worldwide, whether they are right wing Americans preparing heavily armed compounds, David Icke or crazed Islamist terrorists. ‘Potty Pootsie’, to use the tabloid vernacular, believes that Maze stadium plans were only scuppered by a vast institutional conspiracy within the civil service.

Ostensibly it might be held that Corr’s beliefs edge those of Poots in terms of nuttiness by virtue of their febrile, unhinged quality. Remember though, that Poots has form in this regard. After all, he believes, despite all geological and scientific evidence to the contrary, that the world was created in seven days, just five thousand years ago. Jim Corr may believe that there is ‘a push towards global government [that] totally correlates with the Freemasonic agenda’ and he may maintain that ‘Tony Blair is a 33rd degree Freemason. That's fairly common knowledge’, but despite his threat that he may stand for political office, his unfeasible beliefs make it extremely unlikely that he would be elected, whilst Poots’ creationist wibbling is considered quite unremarkable (and actually rather ‘de rigueur’) within Northern Ireland’s largest party.

As regards the Maze Stadium debate, Poots stands isolated even within that party. Following his effective sacking by Peter Robinson from the DUP’s executive team, it appears that Poots now considers himself unfettered and is intent on propounding his unlikely theories as to the project’s viability. Despite the overwhelming weight of professional and official opinion insisting that the proposed stadium would claim vast quantities of public money and that the business plan was flawed and unsustainable, Edwin insists that the civil service are inherently biased against the Maze site and that it is perfectly viable, but for their negative interventions. The pattern of DUP politicians’ resistance to any expert advice that does not bear out their pet theories recurs repeatedly.

Meanwhile Jim Corr is convinced that there is a vast conspiracy to control everyone on the planet by implanting microchips in their brains and he steadfastly maintains that 9/11 was a staged attack orchestrated by the US government. He should get together with Edwin Poots and trade theories.


Aidan said...

As regards Jim Corr you wonder at what point somebody's family should intervene. I would hope to be gagged if I started spouting that kind of stuff.

Reg said...

Poor old Jim. Those Freemasons will give him a paddling when they see him!

I do have a soft spot for Edwin though. He seems to have a bit of independence of thought (re the Maze) which is a heresy in his party. He also impressed in his treatment of the GAA given his party background.