Friday, 6 June 2008

Counting down the days ....

Thank god Paisleyite lickspittle Edwin Poots will soon be shuffled away from the DCAL brief. Matthew Parris retains the distinction of summating Poots’ credentials most pithily during a radio discussion with the Lagan Valley MLA, ‘Good heavens! You’re the Culture Minister!’ was Parris’ astonished remark.

Poots has been utilising the death throes of his time in office, to berate Civil Servants for providing realistic assessments of the Maze Stadium plan, on Good Morning Ulster.

"There have been those within the civil service who have been opposed to the project at the Maze right from its conception."

Maybe because it’s a crap and ill-conceived project Edwin?

Belfast City Council has meanwhile
produced a shortlist of five possible city based sites, replete with a business plan and forwarded it to the relevant departments.

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